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We oversaw the school’s comprehensive technological infrastructure, innovating and crafting web applications tailored to foster student engagement and success.

We updated their main web app and added new apps, completely transforming the use of digital technology within their institution. This approach ensured that both campuses and students benefited from a fast, efficient, and modern digital system. It showed our dedication to developing new and improved technology for education.


Improve Security, Maintain And Scale Web Apps To All Centers

Online ebook platform:

In our effort to transform educational tech at a forward-thinking school, we first faced the big task of building an integrated eBook platform. 

Our steps included seamlessly integrating it with current systems and designing an easy-to-use interface for all students. Also, we focused on creating an engaging, interactive content system and prioritizing strong data security and privacy. Additionally, it was important to make sure the platform could grow in the future. 

Our main goal was to create a cutting-edge, engaging platform accessible to every student, improving their learning and success.

Data migration and new platform:

In our project to update a school’s education system, we tackled the task of moving data from old desktop software to a new web app. First, we made sure the change was smooth to keep important academic records safe. 

Next, we carefully changed data formats, kept data safe, and made sure it worked with the new web system. Also, we planned well to avoid disrupting the school’s daily work. 

Our goal was a safe, smooth data move. At the same time, we trained the school staff on the new system to make them comfortable with the new technology. This project was key in making the school more user-friendly, efficient, and ready for the future.


Maintain the Tech Stack and Convert Procedural Code to Object Oriented

Dealing with the challenges of handling complex data across different campuses and students calls for a strong and adaptable web app framework. First, understanding the current web app’s shortcomings and the changing needs of the institution, we began a thorough update and improvement plan.

1. Refined Core Webapp:
Initially, our focus was on overcoming the main web app’s limitations. Starting with redesigning key parts, we made data management for all campuses and student info more straightforward, while also improving the user interface and experience. This change led to easier navigation, clearer data display, and faster data processing.

2. Complementary Web apps in Diverse Tech Stacks:
Understanding that a singular platform might not cater to all the diverse needs of the institution, we ventured beyond the primary application. We developed a suite of complementary webapps utilizing varied programming languages:

  • NodeJs: Capitalizing on its asynchronous nature, we designed applications that required real-time data handling and high concurrency, ensuring that the institution’s dynamic needs were addressed promptly and efficiently.
  • PHP: Given its wide adoption and support, we employed PHP for webapps that required rapid deployment and scalability. These applications are especially suited for content-heavy tasks and integrations with existing systems.
  • Python: With its powerful libraries and versatility, Python was our choice for webapps that necessitated complex computations, data analytics, and integration with advanced tech tools. This enabled us to offer deeper insights and more tailored solutions for the institution’s unique challenges.

By expanding our range of technology tools and developing custom web applications, we made sure that the institution had a versatile, growable, and complete solution. This approach met both its immediate and future needs.


We recognized the need to restructure the entire tech stack and ensure the security of the integrations being made.

DevOps, Web Design & Development, API Integration, App Development, Technical Support to Staff Members

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Laravel, Vue, React, Node.js, Bash Script, Github Actions, GCP, AWS

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